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All About Airbags

The Wonder of Airbags

Have you ever seen an airbag? Did you know that airbags fully inflate faster than you can blink your eye? Do you know what color an airbag is? Let us introduce you to airbags in more detail as they cannot be seen under normal circumstances.

How quickly do airbags inflate?

Airbags inflate in between 1/4 to 1/2 the time it takes to blink an eye. It is therefore very difficult to actually observe an airbag inflating with the naked eye. Since airbags can inflate and fill the space between the dashboard and the occupant faster than a blink of an eye, they help protect the passengers from injury during an accident. Let´s see the time it takes for an airbag to inflate in slow motion and compare it with the blinking of our eyes.

Is it true that automobiles also have curtain airbags?

Yes, in some automobiles, curtain airbags are located to fill the space between the occupant and the headliner and side windows. These are called "curtain airbags." They help protect the passengers in the event of a side collision and rollover event. Since they also inflate instantaneously, it is difficult to actually see the moment of deployment. However, if you watch them inflating in slow motion, you can see it more clearly.

Curtain Airbag Deployment Videos

  • Slow Motion Deployment of Actual Airbag
  • Slow Motion in-car Simulation

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