MPH-341/341W (Previous Model)

Q001 An MPH-341 is installed on my vehicle, but is the four-point type safer than the standard three-point type. Is it all right to use the four-point type when driving on public roads?

The four-point type is not approved for use on public roads, with the exception of those models that have been approved for officially recognized competitions (races).

Q002 What is the period of use of the MPH-341(341W)?

The period of use of MPH-341(341W) made by Takata is five years, and the offcial Federation International de L´Automobile(FIA) period is also five years.

Q003 The official period for the body belt ends in 2012, but until when can a 2012 belt be used?

The period when it is possible to use the belt ends on December 31, 2012.

Q004 I would like to install a harness like the ones used in F1 racing cars. Where can I buy one?

We are sorry, but we cannot sell F1 full harnesses to the general public.

Q005 Do the MPH-341 and MPH-341W meet FIA specification standards?

Yes. The MPH-341 and MPH-341W meet the FIA8854/98 and 8853/98 standards.

Q006 My belt has become dirty. How should I clean it?

When cleaning seat belts, use a diluted, mild detergent solution and wipe them with a soft cloth. DO NOT use gasoline (or other oily substances), bleach, or other similar substances. These will make the belt weaker and damaged parts will not be able to perform properly or maybe not at all (may not protect passengers as well)

Q007 Are MPH-341 (MPH-341W) and SP-302 sold as a set? Or can we buy just the MPH-341 body belt or just the SP-302 one-sided belt separately?

Unfortunately, these are not sold separately. They are only sold as a set.

Q008 I purchased an MPH-341 (MPH-341W). Can I install it myself?

You can install it yourself, but installation requires specialized knowledge. We recommend having a motor sport specialty store do the installation to ensure proper installation and function.

Q009 I have seen the TAKATA sticker on automobiles. Can I obtain one of those? Or, could you tell me where they are sold?

Unfortunately, we do not sell these stickers and they are not generally sold in shops.

Q010 I see MPH-341 replica belts on sale on the internet. Are they safe?

Testing of the replica belts purchased by Takata from these sites revealed they did NOT meet minimum strength requirements as established by the Federation of International Automotive (FIA) of Paris, France standards. Use of these may cause injury or death to the occupant during an accident.

Q011 What is the difference in length between the MPH-341 (four-seater) shoulder belt and the MPH-341W (two-seater) shoulder belt?

When fully extended, the MPH-341 belt is 1,895mm and the MPH-341W belt is 1,205mm, measured from the fold of the tongue webbing to the center of the hook attachment hole.

Q012 Do you have MPH-341(341W) available in different colors?

No, we did not offer MPH-341(341W) in different colors.

Q013 Can I ask you to change the length of the belt?

Our production and selling agreements do not allow us to make changes, such as altering the length of the belt.

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