Seat Belts

Q001 I drive an older car that does not have seat belts and would like to have seat belts installed. Is it possible to install them afterward?

To install seat belts, the position for installation, the strength of the "anchor", where the seat belts are attached, and other details are specified in the law. You would need to inquire at your local dealership to ensure proper equipment and installation.

Q002 If a car has airbags, is it necessary to fasten your seat belts?

In the automotive industry, airbags are officially known as "supplemental restraint systems," or SRS. They are devices that provide restraint that is supplementary to that provided by seat belts. They are designed under the assumption that passengers are wearing seat belts. Therefore, for your airbag to have maximum effectiveness, you must wear your seat belt. Also, many regions are enacting Seat Belt Laws where it is becoming mandatory to wear seat belts.

Q003 The rear seats appear to be safe because passengers are protected by the backs of the front seats. Is it acceptable not to fasten the seat belts while in the back seat?

The backs of the front seats are made of cloth and give the impression of being soft, but the frames of those seats have been designed to withstand long usage and possible collisions. They are very sturdy. If the passengers in the back seat do not fasten their seat belts, there is a serious danger that, in a crash, they may be thrown against the sturdy back portion of the front seats and suffer major injuries. Also, if the seat belts are not properly fastened, passengers may hit other people in the vehicle, hit other objects, or possibly be thrown out of the vehicle and be at serious risk of major injuries. When you ride in an automobile, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "safe seat". Please, always fasten your seat belt and put children into the proper child seats.

Q004 Most seat belts come in subdued colors. Is it possible to obtain red seat belts to match the color of your car?

Various aspects of seat belts, including colors, must be certified, so customers cannot select the colors of their seat belts. However, if red seat belts are offered as an option for the interior of your car, it is possible in some cases to change to red seat belts if available. Please ask your local dealership if colored seat belts are offered as an option.

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