About Takata


Chairman and CEOShigehisa Takada

As chairman and CEO of Takata Corporation, I would like to apologize for the concern caused to the driving public, our business partners and our shareholders by the extensive market recalls of vehicles fitted with Takata airbags.

We are working on many fronts to ensure the safety of the driving public and restore trust in our company’s products. In partnership with our automaker customers, we are investigating and analyzing the cause of the problems. We are providing complete support for the market recalls, and we are cooperating fully and closely with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other regulators to resolve the issues and ensure the safety of our end-users.

Product quality is our highest priority. Throughout our organization we have adopted a range of new measures and reforms to further increase our focus on product quality. Under the direction of our newly established Takata Quality Drive Division, we are engaging in measures to strengthen our approach to quality in all of our business processes, including development, design, procurement, manufacturing and logistics.

We have been engaging in initiatives throughout our organization, including establishing a manufacturing reform project to clarify and analyze every step of our production process, adopting new development and design methods, and providing additional programs to foster expertise among our personnel.

Alongside our product development for passive safety systems that act directly to protect human life in the event of an impact, we are developing pre-crash safety systems that help to minimize injuries, and active safety systems that, through the use of integrated front and rear camera sensors, warn drivers of potential dangers and help prevent accidents from occurring.

We also see opportunities to apply our experience in safety technology in other areas where human lives need to be protected, and are investigating the potential for further systems development in aircraft safety and other forms of transportation.

Safety is the foundation of our business, and we will continue to pursue the development and production of innovative, high-quality systems and products that advance the cause of transportation safety and help protect the traveling public.

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