About Takata

Our Aspirations


We embrace the pioneer spirit of our founder and are motivated by the preciousness of life.

Mission Statement

  • Develop innovative products and provide superlative quality and services to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • Respect various personalities and cultures and keep associates highly motivated under the Takata name to pursue common goals.
  • Be an active member of the community and contribute to a better society.


  • To communicate openly and effectively.
  • To adhere to Sangen-shugi*.
  • To be committed in everything we do.
SANGEN SHUGI means "3 reals" in Japanese:
Gen-ba means "real place",
Go to the shop floor to understand the reality. This is a more effective method than simply reading a report
Gen-butsu means "real part",
Look at the real part or the real service provided and analyze it while focusing on the facts
Gen-jitsu means "real facts"
Present conclusions using real data for a better understanding of what is actually happening in the field

Our mission - your safety.

There is no end to thinking about safety in today´s automotive society.
As a company that makes seat belts, airbags, child seats and other products that protect life, we are aware of our responsibilities to society and want to contribute to attaining the goal of creating a world that is safe.
To do this, we will continue to work to create and further evolve safety products and systems that people can rely on.
However, Takata cannot create a safe world by itself.
Takata´s hope is that its products will never have to be used.
We would be delighted developing our safety products in a world where they never had to be used, where traffic accidents have been totally eliminated.
Please drive carefully. Takata products are positioned between automobiles and people.
Without doubt, there are some Takata products near you. At Takata, we dream of "a society with zero fatalities from traffic accidents."


The logo mark of Takata is as unique as our history. It is a shape that represents the safety concept specific to Takata.
Visually, it represents the space that is normally invisible between the world and Takata, the space that divides yet joins us.
The curve on the left is taken from the sphere of the world and the shape to its right from the T of Takata.

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