Privacy Policy

Takata Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has set the following rules to protect the personal information of our customers, therefore meeting customer expectations.

  1. All employees of the Company shall comply with laws and regulations relevant to personal information protection.
  2. The Company shall only collect and utilize the customerâs personal information within the scope of the purposes of which the Company has informed the customer, such as shipping goods to the customer.
  3. The Company shall not disclose the customerâs personal information to third parties, except to the Company and our affiliated company, Takata Service Corporation. However, the following cases are excluded:
    1. a. When the customer has given prior consent for disclosure
    2. b. When requested by the government, other public offices, etc. by law
  4. The Company shall ensure that the customerâs personal information is kept accurate and up to date, and shall promptly respond to requests from the customer for disclosure of such information.
  5. The Company shall maintain security of this site to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, etc. of the customerâs personal information.
  6. The Company shall continuously review and improve its handling of personal information protection, responding to changes in laws and regulations.

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