Takata is one of the world’s leading suppliers of airbag systems, helping to protect people who ride in all types of vehicles. Takata airbags are high-performance and meet or exceed the legal regulations of countries around the world and the stringent requirements of the automakers.
In 1976, Takata became the first company in Japan to begin R&D related to airbags. In 1987, Takata began to supply airbags to the rest of the world. Today, Takata is one of the few manufacturers of airbags with fully integrated development, design, and manufacturing capabilities for airbag systems. Our lineup of products consists of: airbag operating control units, impact sensing devices, airbag modules (covering all aspects from cushion materials to bag inflation technology) and several other related products.
One technology that is an absolute must for airbag manufacturers: the technology for sensing collision impact severity and performing all functions successfully to inflate the airbag within .005 seconds. To do this, we must have high-precision technology that ensures systems performing operations in time intervals of milliseconds (.0001 seconds).
Going forward, Takata will continue to accept the challenge of developing the next generation of safety technologies and airbag systems.

Airbag Products

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