Seat Belts

Seat belts are effective in protecting users only after they have been fastened. That is why Takata´s most fundamental policy is to provide seat belts so easy to use - everyone will want to wear them without hesitation. Because of our commitment to this objective, we have made "user-friendly" our motto. We carefully research seat belt materials such as their coatings and weavings to ensure proper comfort and flexibility. By producing most of the materials in-house, we have better control of those materials to reach our goal of making seat belts that are gently supportive and comfortable to wear.
Takata is constantly developing new safety technologies.
Recent innovations include the commercialization of motorized seat belts that tighten automatically to warn drivers of an impending collision and offer more comfort as well as better protection.
Takata is determined to be the industry leader of seat belts.

Seat Belt Products

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